Surprising Best 11 of current Bundesliga Season


Surprising Best 11 of current Bundesliga season 2016/2017

Surprising Best 11 of current Bundesliga Season 2016/2017

Stand: 28.Round

Hereby do we reward all those players that one would not necessarily expect, that they deliver such a constant and strong season. It was definitely not easy, especially as some other players deserved it, but there were now only 11 Places to 😉 just commented your Favorites.

PS: One “real” TOP11 there will be with the expected top players at a later time.

Starting in goal with Alexander Schwolow from SC Freiburg with his constant achievements and only a few errors, instrumental in the success of the Brisgavi is involved.

Alexander Schwolow – Spielerprofil 16/17 ¦ Transfer market

Alexander Schwolow is a football player from Germany, (* 1992-06-02 in Wiesbaden), Germany). Alexander Schwolow plays for SC Freiburg.


As a left-back there is no way passes probably Sead Kanta by Schalke 04. With unbridled will and much use he drives his team even in difficult times, He has proven leadership qualities and also contributed one or the other goal as templates. Not wrongly known clubs like Juventus Turin courting him.

Sead Kanta – Spielerprofil 16/17 ¦ Transfer market

Sead Kanta is a football player from Bosnia and Herzegovina, (* 1993-06-20 in Karlsruhe, Germany), Germany). Sead Kanta plays for FC Schalke 04.


We will start the Defender Kyriakos Papadopoulos of Hamburger SV, He is similar to his style of Kanta. With good will and usage, a player who goes ahead. He has given a new face to the HSV and given stability Holey until Defender.

Kyriakos Papadopoulos – Spielerprofil 16/17 ¦ Transfer market

Kyriakos Papadopoulos is a football player from Greece, (* 1992-02-23 in Katerini), Greece). Kyriakos Papadopoulos plays for Hamburger SV.


Kevin Vogt of the TSG Hoffenheim introducing him as a partner in the IV. With a quiet and tranquil way of playing with he forms IV the TSG the 3 Niklas Süle and Benjamin Hübner in outstanding fashion. A player who can open the game perfectly with playmaker skills and thereby offers an excellent positional play.

Kevin Vogt – Spielerprofil 16/17 ¦ Transfer market

Kevin Vogt is a football player from Germany, (* 1991-09-23 in Witten), Germany). Kevin Vogt plays for TSG 1899 Hoffenheim.


As a right-back, a young player has distinguished itself, He acted with incredible peace and stability. Thilo Kehrer by Schalke 04. Known as central defender, He showed his strongest games RV position and Schalke won all games. We see him as one of the contenders for the succession of Philip Labin in the German national team.

Thilo Kehrer – Spielerprofil 16/17 ¦ Transfer market

Thilo Kehrer is a football player from Germany, (* 1996-09-21 in Tübingen, Germany), Germany). Thilo Kehrer plays for FC Schalke 04.


Starting on the left side we go over well in the midfield. Da Vincenzo Grifo from SC Freiburg in the foreground has played. Not only its dangerous standards as his offensive- and playmaker qualities have promoted the SCF to the current altitude. Certainly a player, which has become more interesting for larger clubs.

Vincenzo Grifo – Spielerprofil 16/17 ¦ Transfer market

Vincenzo Grifo is a football player from Italy, (* 1993-04-07 in Pforzheim), Germany). Vincenzo Grifo plays for SC Freiburg.


On the right side, we carry Nicolai Müller, which is significantly involved in the upswing of the Hamburger SV. He has developed and has become much more effective. Instead of frills and “Nice gimmick” entered in first place will and fight. Some had already written him off… of us a clear: keep it.

Nicolai Müller – Spielerprofil 16/17 ¦ Transfer market

Nicolai Müller is a football player from Germany, (* 1987-09-25 in Lohr am Main), Germany). Nicolai Müller plays for Hamburger SV.


In the central midfield, we have opted for Almog Cohen from FC Ingolstadt. Now if it were not so well and when he was needed he was preceded by fighting with power. In addition there were important results for the FCI. Of all 11 He has surprised us the most (positive) players of this ELF. A player who should keep the Bundesliga.

Almog Cohen – Spielerprofil 16/17 ¦ Transfer market

Almog Cohen is a football player from Israel, (* 1988-09-01 in be' he Beersheba), Israel). Almog Cohen plays with FC Ingolstadt 04.


We put the offensive midfielder “Youngster of the season” with Kai Havertz. In a conservative season from Bayer 04 He's Leverkusen still to the fore played and also international experience can collect. A large jewel for the future of German football.

Kai Hale – Spielerprofil 16/17 ¦ Transfer market

Kai Havertz is a football player from Germany, (* 1999-06-11 in Aachen, Germany), Germany). Kai Havertz plays at Bayer 04 Leverkusen.


We return to conclude at the end by Guido Burgstaller a Schalke player 04. A player who came though with high hit rate, said however the 2.Bundesliga and ehrlich have many to one “Emergency solution” by S04 believed whether the injury concerns. We think he has let all skeptics, and Schalke in hard times “keep alive”. We are curious to see whether he can establish itself in this way in the Bundesliga.

Guido Burgstaller – Spielerprofil 16/17 ¦ Transfer market

Guido Burgstaller is a football player from Austria, (* 1989-04-29 in Villach), Austria). Guido Burgstaller plays for FC Schalke 04.


Last but not Least by the TSG Hoffenheim Andrej Kramaric, He was caught up to this season not with consistency probably the season of his life. Both as the executors of, as well as preparers, he played in almost all games. Its shape is beängsitgend good and now is arguably the one paid for it 10 Mio Euro.

Andrej Kramarić – Spielerprofil 16/17 ¦ Transfer market

Andrej Kramaric is a football player from Croatia, (* 1991-06-19 in Zagreb), Yugoslavia (SFR)). Andrej Kramaric plays for TSG 1899 Hoffenheim.


Because every team needs a coach, would we nominate Christian Streich of SC Freiburg. Some have dubbed the SCF before the season as safe relegated, However, Mr prank can be a so honest and refreshing reading, He also personally lives above him and embodies. A coach who should even have a chance in our opinion, a “larger” Team to coach!

Christian d ' état – Coach profile | Transfer market

This is the profile page of coach Christian Streich. Among other things the coach stations and his career as a player are listed.


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