The most underrated players


The most underrated players

Isco – Spielerprofil – Transfermarkt Isco ist ein Fußballspieler aus Spanien, (*1992-04-21 in Benalmádena, Spanien). Isco spielt bei Real Madrid.

Isco (Real Madrid) – The rumors in spanish media just does not want to break down. For a long time its rumored that Real Madrid is willing to sell him. We really don’t know why, being a hell of a player with high potential. Even being a spanish guy did not bring him any more positive criticism. Meanwhile, players like Luka Modric do not get “punished” that hard in spanish press when they make mediocre games.


Salif Sané – Spielerprofil – Transfermarkt Salif Sané ist ein Fußballspieler aus Senegal, (*1990-08-25 in Lormont, Frankreich). Salif Sané spielt bei Hannover 96.

Salif Sané (Hannover 96) – Having been on the selling list of the club one year ago we were already wondering what was going on with the judgment abilities of Hannover 96. Fortunately for the club, he received more and more minutes on the pitch and he became indispensable to the club now a days, but still does not earn the media attention he deserves. Surely a good player playing in a “mediocre” club, so his way should be up. We are keen to see who will push for him in summer 2016.



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