The most overrated players


The most overrated players

Rafinha – Spielerprofil – Transfermarkt Rafinha ist ein Fußballspieler aus Brasilien, (*1985-09-07 in Londrina, Brasilien). Rafinha spielt bei FC Bayern München.

Rafinha (FC Bayern München) – It may sounds harsh, but let’s be honest. He is just a mediocre player in a world class team. Even within the german Bundesliga you will find better right defenders. It is mostly the common good results of Bayern Munich and his great team partners, but putting him into a mediocre team would discover his limitations. By the way, at least for us, even in the last few months, in that he plays a lot of minutes, we discovered limitations all over the place.

Added on 04.01.2016

Assani Lukimya – Spielerprofil – Transfermarkt Assani Lukimya ist ein Fußballspieler aus Kongo DR, (*1986-01-25 in Uvira, Zaire). Assani Lukimya spielt bei SV Werder Bremen.

Assani Lukimya (Werder Bremen) – Well, 2mio actual estimated value is not much for a regular central defender in Bundesliga, but anyway, just the fact that he was regular central defender in Bundesliga is awesome for a limited defender like him. Of course, his physical conditions are good, but what else? Difficult to say…low tactical intelligence, not a good passer, not playing constantly on Bundesliga level, no passion, he even seems not even participating mentally in the games sometimes. Today the media announced his 2mio move to chinese club and we think this is the most convenient for all parties. Werder Bremen will receive good money in their difficult financial situation.

Added on 18.01.2016

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