Recently moved Talent’s Watchlist


Watchlist of talents that recently moved to a big (european) club:

Matías Kranevitter – Spielerprofil – Transfermarkt Matías Kranevitter ist ein Fußballspieler aus Argentinien, (*1993-05-21 in San Miguel de Tucumán, Argentinien). Matías Kranevitter spielt bei Atlético Madrid.

Matías Kranevitter (River Plate) – Even that Atletico signed him in summer 2015 already, now he arrived finally from River Plate (loan) at the club to incorporate into the spanish squad. We are pretty sure that he will make his way to regular starting 11 of Atletico Madrid in short time! Maybe the best coach worldwide that he could “pick” in order to enable his best development – Diego Simeone!


Santi Mina – Spielerprofil – Transfermarkt Santi Mina ist ein Fußballspieler aus Spanien, (*1995-12-07 in Vigo, Spanien). Santi Mina spielt bei FC Valencia.

Santi Mina (FC Valencia) – Already loved him playing at Celta Vigo. We suppose that he will need some time to adapt to the public expectations and the life at a european top club. If he succeed he could even move on to a bigger club.



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