As Chief Scout or Author:

This project is highly dependent on your commitment! The Chief Scouts represent the basis of the project! We need just in the early stages of many writers, authors, editors, or “football smart”!

Profiles and reports must be created and evaluated … let’s tackle the project together!

Requirements: A Chief Scout should primarily have time and desire! However, a Chief Scout must, due to the significance of his contributions, of course, also have certain skills. However, since no master has yet fallen from heaven, we will (the editor) and each Chief Scout coach when it comes to write reports good scouting. A basic talent in the assessment and the player should be recognizable but definitely.

Apply now just a short cover letter incl. Profile data (age, origin, specialty, etc.) by e-mail at and we will contact you if your suits us! Ideally you will send us in advance a sample report to, so that we can assess your abilities. Here you can orient at existing reports you.

Do please understand that your activity is carried out volunteer because this is still is a hobby project!

As a Scout or reviewer:

A Scout is everyone who registered new to us! With this status you can evaluate all the profiles and reports and comment!

Requirements: A Scout should of course always evaluate “neutral”. Therefore, we repeatedly refer to our “Guide”!

To participate as a scout or Reviewer All you need is a free account with – report back free and fast here!

Very important: In order for the entire project is sound in the future, it is essential that ye durchlest our instructions. This is true of “Chief Scouts” and “Scouts”.