Mind-Games on potential of Schalke 04 (per Forbes List)

Schalke Forbes

Mind-Games on potential of Schalke 04 (per Forbes List)

If you are the current TOP 20 List of the most valuable clubs worldwide (Publisher: Forbes) looks at, there stands a small “Surprise” out. FC Schalke 04.

In how far from Forbes on 655 Million dollar team reaches, is the article unfortunately not explained and is somewhat beyond me also. Because I think it is better with the much-criticized market values by www.transfermarkt.de giving the squad at the moment market value by 198,3 Certify in millions of euros. Means nothing more despite the overall assessment but, that we have to do this without a doubt with a sleeping giant. Yes, We all know that always, but now the Club has the actual for the first time in its history, Chance to earn this place also athletic and possibly even a little to expand. And all this with only a change in personnel. The speech is of course by Christian Heidel of it unlike S04 over periods longer than a decade ago, did, notable successes to celebrate, u.a. a small Carnival-Club, like a Phönix from the ashes from literally nothing in the Bundesliga to establish and to lead ultimately to Europe. With significantly less, than the, that it now will be at S04 available. A Club, is regularly under its expectations for nearly a decade and so far both in the composition of the squad and staff questions gave off a hapless figure. A Club, of the master Cup seven times won (as Forbes), This was done but before introduction of the Bundesliga.

But what do we care yesterday? Because now one sets out, the loading times sharply to turn. And you may ask yourself confidently, who will lead Schalke ever there, where one wishes for years and, If not he. A great responsibility which he has developed with law hard and smart. Never before, one could be justified hopes fan than Schalke, in the short term to establish the TOP4 of Bundesliga.

Clearly, the first place is (apparently) long term awarded Bayern, but already the BVB with outstanding management has shown, that you can scratch through out time on the master Cup. Now also with RB Leipzig is another, unpredictable “Giant” on the Bundesliga comes to and demand to two more solid clubs Leverkusen with Borussia Mönchengladbach and Bayer, must you be at least on the courts 2 – 6 in the future expect beautiful duels. Also for the European competition that may cause only positive, especially since to Schalke 04 has qualified directly for the euro League (no, I can integrate the VFL Wolfsburg in the current situation and planning for the future in this elite circle).

The signs are so not bad at all for the S04. With Naldo you have won already available for free a solid and experienced Federal League Defender by a competitors. So to say the first blast, the ham before arrival at Schalke presented. As a whole is now expected to, that important pillars of the future such as z.B. Sané and Mayer are held in the long term, a Johannes Geis is definitely more effective than so far, also the good youth work is sure still embedded in the squad and the but major construction sites of the squad are sure short- and in the medium term fixed. What definitely is there no, astronomical expenses for World stars. It is rather the an or other “Head Shaker” To give, through some unknown player, the but later as real bargains turn out be. It is definitely exciting to see, what further commitments there will be and there is no doubt in mind mine, that Schalke will give a far better picture in the coming years, as in the past years.

The change of trainer is here by the way, more than “necessary evil” to look at, as a direct depreciation of width tab by ham. Ideally, a longterm project needs always a preferred candidates to the post of coach, and not a superior coach. That this so “relentlessly” and early was playing with open cards is in effect professionally and honestly be described as, even if the consequence for Mr banjo d is undoubtedly unhappy and sad. The Club is a “Cut” at this point with the most important, because otherwise old mistakes would be repeated.

Here are still the graphical compilation of the Forbes review of Schalke 04:

Forbes Rating Schalke 04

Photo: Getty Images. Design: Nick DeSantis, Forbes staff

Original Post by Forbes:

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