Matthias Ginter – Scout Report

Matthias Ginter – Leistungsdaten – Transfermarkt Matthias Ginter is a football player from Germany, (*1994-01-19 in Freiburg, Germany). Matthias Ginter plays at Borussia Dortmund.

General description:
Matthias Ginter is currently one of my favorite players in the Bundesliga. His quiet way, his almost passive dominant broadcast and often driving performances convinced me.
He Melpomene already with 18 Years at the SC and fought with performances quickly his place in the team. Currently he is the biggest defense talent in Germany one.

His peace of mind when his action impressed me again and again on the new. With his young age, he just radiates a great safety on outsiders and other players. Resting on the ball as well as a good overview and a deliberate passing game add up to its strengths. Also lots of well timed long balls I noticed in particular in the euro League games.
His personal weapon are two combat strength and man-marking (especially in Innenverteidgung). He looked like an "old hand" in many of its games. His physical stature and his head ball game are further advantages for his team.
His versatility in addition. It combines many attributes of a central defender of but also a defensive midfielder, so that one is not yet has known him to an exact position of master. Too often, he knew, for example, as a defensive Mitteldfeldspieler to convince.
Amazing erweise shows he recently also striker qualities and knew myself to minimum, with skilful wide shots, to convince.
Overall, he makes a pressure on me, as if he were a player "preceding" which might grow even to the leading players.

Due to its age it lacks of course "the Gezocktheit" and experience in some situations and play. Also, he is still too "good" on the square. So he is likely already even harder go the one or the other opponents and communicate much more with players and instruct, because he absolutely has the talent and the skills for. Currently, he drives his team more with "only" or. by providing services to, He must be calm even as an Effenberg something more active and "louder", can I find.
As mentioned several times it may be the one on the overall situation of the SC or even in his youth, but like Matthias Ginter may be also constant in its services. Also in important matches I would expect a lot of me, where it is easier for him also in a 'better' Club and even, If it has set on a position for him.
Just at the games in the euro League, I often had the impression that he was too hasty and headless, especially in the final stages. Keep to good I want him, allows you to put up in his old age because of the players and so get the usual good pass games the opponent then.
Wikipedia is something of outstanding Sprint capability. I'm probably wrong wrapped, because I would rather add his speed as a weakness. The weakness of clearly recognizable for me is a missing ground speed in comparison to other players at his position.

So far he has played SC Freiburg due to his young age only for the.
Matthias Ginter (rightly) considered favorite player of Christian Streich, why he already with young age quite important root plays a role at the SC. Not wrong, he also received, both in 2012 as well as 2013, the Fritz Walter gold medal.

At his age he seems appropriate already now extremely prudent and reasonable. Rambling man confirmed him a consistently professional and purposeful behavior on and off the Court. In interviews he replied not hastily but considering.

Current form
Due to the current situation of SC Freiburg's, it is difficult to provide a proper stability of performances. Therefore, I admire his achievements even more so, If you the difficult situation of the SC, the double taxation, his young age and commuting between defensive midfield, Involves Interior defense and storm. Matthias Ginter is still in the learning process and the current situation will make him even stronger with security for the future.

Current situation at the Club
Unfortunately, the overall situation of SC Freiburg's currently as mentioned earlier is very modest and the almost complete absence of real striker prepares arge problems but also the game by Matthias Ginter not only the SC. Increasingly he is misused, the push forward to play, even if only phases. You have to let him, He does this very well. He uses all the attributes that make him strong defensively as targeted in the offensive. So he keeps opponents from the neck with its robustness, his head ball game can act him as a good flank target always dangerous in the penalty area and his long shots have ordered many goalkeeping brilliance acts.
To assess it unfortunately negative for SC: Ginter stands out clearly from this team and it will be practically impossible, It is still one more season to keep, certainly not 2. Official end of the contract is 2015, unofficial 2017. It would be desirable SC, that they are properly remunerated for a deal. I think 8-10 MIOs currently €, When changing the, for appropriate. What happens if the SC in League 2 should descend, can I estimate nciht so exactly, but generally the detachment goes down then and in the worst case a relegation clause has been agreed.

Even at the risk of, to overestimate me here, i think Matthias Ginter, When he reaches his full potential, in the area of the international class.
In addition I Matthias Ginter see in the medium term in the national team. Exactly which position is not yet clear to me, but his flexibility will favour him in each case when it comes to a place in the national team. For Brazil 2014 is not enough it logically, but I denkespätestens after Freiburg, he's going to get his chance.
It is important, that he, which club he also always like change, Gets the needed game time, He needs just at this stage and receives at the SC Yes definitely. Nothing more despite we can not close our eyes to before that it will soon change to a nahmhafteren Club. I see it also in UK, where he produced good would fit the player types. Bayer Leverkusen would be also a club to which he could be super fit (mMn).
I see in many areas parallels to mats Hummels and would not mind, If he hits a similar way.

End 2009 Seemed a- and fibula fracture
End 2012 a spinal injury

Matthias Ginter Scout Report
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23.500.000€IAMS Value
181IAMS Index
very good composure
reliable on positioning and marking
adorable fighter and worker on the pitch
slightly lack of pace and acceleration
still too shy
limited on the flanks, due to lack of vision and dribbling skills
needs to be more consistent
Absolutely ready to make the next step to a TOP3 club side in Germany.
First Touch77
Game Opening74
Work Rate90
Natural Fitness86
Speed Of Execution80
Important Matches81
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