Since we are still in the “initial phase”, it is important to lay down certain rules for creating and evaluating profiles and reports.

We focus special attention on the relation to reality! To be a fan of a team or player is not to raise these “unrealistic” in the sky, with exaggerated good reviews, which do not correspond to the fact. In return, your player may not be as a “popular” club should not intentionally bad rate.

Who here so negative attention, is banned with immediate effect and without warning if necessary!

At the beginning of course, most profiles will be not yet been created, it is necessary to propose to the editors a player e-mail, which is then picked up and created. Of course, we then work from the lists depending on the editorial interest and time!

Well, get pleasure !? Then join us! Whether as Chief Scout or Scout!

Below we try to explain as best as possible the available attributes:

Assessable attributes:


Technical characteristics:


Whether a player is a good corner kick taker and can provoke Torgefahr through corners.


An important attribute for wingers. Can he bring sharp and precise edges and conjure Torgefahr.


An important attribute to get past easier to opposing players and to create spaces. Of particular importance in combination with balance and agility. A good dribbler can be of great advantage, but also a disadvantage when it all too happy to get stuck or dribbles rather than a simple pass to use.


Indispensable for any striker. But also for all other field players the most important attribute to make the box. Does he have the nerve, the instinct ?!


In today’s football just as indispensable. The initial contact of the ball in the adoption … .springt the ball away or passes too much time with the assumption, the ball easily land on the enemy or a counterattack chance or opportunity would pass over. Key attribute for the ball.

Free Kicks

How dangerous can a free kick from short or long distance are ?! More than once, has decided a game a free kick. So is an additional attribute that can only be beneficial.

Header art

In combination with the bounce decisive for the Air Command. This is about timing and precision. The higher the value the more the profits of a head duel, while the pass to the opponent or, ideally, a goal.

Long shots

Who not an effort on goal, not usually wins also. Sometimes games are so tactically coined that there is little penalty scenes. Particularly in these cases, but otherwise, so long shots are from 20m an effective way. So this case is also about anticipating the goalkeeper and shot hardness and accuracy,


Self explanatory! This also includes a good anticipation of the opponent and the game’s own position. A mixture of several other attributes such as strength, tackling and without the ball may also play a decisive here. This is about the effectiveness of the Marking.


Precision and ball hardness, even under pressure, on short and long distances.


Strong nerves and precision. A penalty can decide a game, or even titles!


An indispensable attribute of the defensive. Timing and anticipation play a fundamental role.


In modern football impossible to imagine. Just think of the processing of bobbling or executing the most shooting and passing – the technology is the basis of all actions. The famous “Tiki Taka” the Spaniard is probably the best example of a near-perfect technique.

Mental Attributes:


A healthy aggressiveness is a basic requirement for every player. Almost every duel is hereby having influenced. Can you imagine a “brave 6”?


This refers to the foresight of certain actions. That may be the enemy actions, but also of their own players. If one possesses a high degree of anticipation so you are always one step ahead of the other.


The modern football needs courageous player. Since going towards where it may continue to do so even hurt. Crazy things to try unconventional actions and thus to succeed.

Nerves of steel

In the fast pace of today’s football game, a key attribute for dealing with pressure, whether from on and off the Patz. The performance and the own actions should not be negatively affected. A high degree of strong nerves will let a player take the right decisions more often.


A player’s ability to concentrate always affects the error quantity of his actions. The higher the value the more stable it is in his actions and decisions. The thinking along is today’s professional, as we know, demanded over the full distance. Especially in the final phases of the Games sneak in a lack of focus error.


Each team needs creative players. Both in the opening game of the defensive as subsequently updated in the midfield creativity. The number of options of possible actions rises with a higher level of creativity.


Just when you realize viewers often in some actions that the player would have done better this or that. It goes here. Making the right decisions under pressure and, if necessary, in a high speed. That is the widely called “thought speed”!


The sense of purpose defines, inter alia, the use of the player, the will to win. Sacrifice, fight, willingness to run, all the virtues of distress have to be a Winner type. Consider times the single-mindedness of Oliver Kahn or Steffan Effenberg. It is about 90min long to give everything!


Intuition is an individual, very personal aspect of a player. He pretends as a player behaves situational and quasi with creativity and ingenuity masters his actions. No other attribute embodies so much the “individual class” and the rich variety of his actions.

Without ball

One of the player probably most underrated attribute is his game without the ball. The tactical behavior that “work spaces” that intelligent thinking along, as one might call it now. It is in any case a major influence on defense and offense of the team. A Thomas Müller, or even a Pedro here are in any event in the world rankings. They run a lot of ways, most “vain” but they are so always playable, less well calculate and create space for their teammates. What would a pass in depth if there would be none who receives him !?


A good positional play puts the player in a better position than his opponent. Therefore one must not necessarily be faster but only better anticipate or to have sufficient experience and Abgezocktheit.


How well the player inserts in the service of the team? This requires a high level of play and tactics understanding. A high rating also contributes to team harmony and mixed teams to make a greater effort in the run position. See, for example, Borussia Dortmund.


Just think at times the wit, the Franck Ribery brings again to the square. Enthusiasm is the basis for good performance. Also, the contribution of each player (eg teamwork) to team performance depends heavily on thereof.

Physical Attributes:


The inaugural should not be confused with the final velocity. When starting, it is about the all-important “first meters”. A good beginning can give a player tremendous benefits and clearances.


Mobility is essential for all movements. Fast movements and the stopping of actions in all directions and at different tempos are affected.


The balance will be demanded of a player both with and without the ball. In all movements his balance is crucial if they are implemented correctly and quickly.


This involves explosiveness and height of the jump for a header.

Basic Fitness

A high level of basic fitness is essential, especially in these times … a season can easily mean the 60-80 games for a national player. The susceptibility to injury and the stamina of this attribute decisively influenced.


Hereby the speed of the player is meant in comparison to others.


With a lack of stamina increases the number of errors, and you will hardly be able to survive 90min errors. The higher the value, the more likely a player is to retrieve all the way its full potential.


This refers to the physical force that comes into play in each duel and shielding the ball.

Personal attributes:


To bring even a good performance far defined a good player. Here it comes, to achieve the highest possible number of consecutive good performances. The higher the value, the constant good performances.

Important Games

Good performances against the bottom club are usually of secondary importance. But how it behaves in the so-called “all or nothing” games?

Susceptibility to injury

How prone to injury is the player? (10 stars mean = almost never injured, 1 = very susceptible to injury).


This is about the ability also to bring good benefits positions that do not correspond to its natural position. Consider this time the performance of a Kevin Grosskreutz who has dressed more than 3 positions at Borussia Dortmund without causing a stir.


This is about the mentality and the character of the player. The character decides also about how the player with media etc. bypasses and how well he can put away pressure. His standing in the team is here on played a decisive role.

Current level

This value indicates where the player is currently in terms of performance. Did he still potential for development (in comparison to the potential) or it has already reached its limit.


One of the main ratings. The total potential of the player! To make it into the elite world-class, international class or just 3.Liga? Bear in mind that it is the potential. So everybody has his (world-class) potential never reached, because it lacked other things. So it must not necessarily be achieved. We think only once to a Sebastian Deisler …


Technical characteristics:

High balls

This is about the “pluck” high balls. Be it corners, free kicks, flanks … some goalkeepers lacks already a seemingly harmless high ball “easy” to bring down the courage or the timing. Of course, great goalkeepers have a natural advantage in this case.

Box control

A goalkeeper has a clearly defined workplace. In collaboration with his defensive line he must protect these best. They serve both to the organization in standards as well as to all the decisions he has to make in the wake of the “Toreverhinderns”.


Keeping refers to the general safety catch and keep the balls.


Reflexes are the intuitive nature of the goalkeeper. It will be hard to train these. Rather, they should be part of the predetermined talent. Just at short distances are good reflexes of enormous importance. The same applies to concealed shots or whenever action must be taken within fractions of a second.


all identical to the fielder attributes

Physical Attributes:

One on One

For a good one gg One a goalkeeper needs also good reflexes, nerves of steel and a healthy timing when running out. When one gg One the goalkeeper looks a striker against the straight to run on him.

Running out

Just when you play against fast striker or a playmaker in the team of the opponent finds the likes to play balls in the interfaces of the box, it is important to possess or ever make the right decision about whether a running out is too risky a good timing when running out.


all identical to the fielder attributes

Mental Attributes:

Nerves of steel

all identical to the fielder attributes


The modern goalkeeper organized out his defensive line from behind. Good communication with the defensive line is essential for all parts of the team.

Personal attributes:

Important Games
Susceptibility to injury
Special Weapon

all identical to the fielder attributes

PS: Some attributes, we have double-weighted. Which attributes are, however, will be our secret. But a tip: they arise, depending on the position of quasi alone 😉