For our range of services and to improve the user experience, we use cookies on our website and in our e-mails. We are currently developing a way to use this information to improve the user experience on their site and for our partners. This directive describes the cookie types we use (and our partners), for which they are used and how to change your cookie preferences.

About “Cookies”
Cookies are small files that the browser stores on the hard drive of your computer. At each visit to our website, your browser sends these cookies back to us. So that we can, for example, make it easier to log in or cut content tailored to your interests and preferences.

Cookies used on our website
By our use of cookies we can recognize recurring users and assign them their data so that users must enter their data only once. In addition, can be seen using cookies pattern in visitor flows on our site. This allows us to enhance the user experience.
Below is an outline of the main cookies we use on our website:

Basic Cookies
These cookies we use if necessary, so that you can use the offered services on our website at all. Without these cookies can services that you have requested can not be provided.
These cookies are used for example for the following purposes:

Process and store the items that you place on the our cart
Ensuring permanent access to secure areas of the website without having to log in again every time
Save previous activities (eg. As if you have filled in an online form) when navigating back to a meeting to one side
Performance Cookies
We possibly set a performance-Cookies with which we collect data on the use of the website, the advertisements and the e-mail messages and with which we will inform you of errors. These cookies are u. U. fairly detailed technical data such as the last page visited, the number of pages visited, open e-mail messages, the areas of the website or e-mails, is clicked, or the time interval between clicks collected. While this information can be, inter alia, to also conclusions regarding your IP address, your domain or your browser, however, they are only analyzed together with the data of other users, so that the immediate identification of your person is excluded.

These cookies are used on our website, for example, for the following purposes:

Analyze and improve the performance and design of the website, the advertisements and the e-mail messages
Determine the number of responses to our advertisements to improve the effectiveness of our advertising
Detecting errors on our website to improve our services and in response to complaints
Referral cookies
We engage, if necessary, to referral cookies that are sent through the websites of our business partners to your device. These cookies will be registered if a user is redirected on the site of a business partner to our website and whether this user then purchases a product from us or one of our services takes to complete. This information may be shared with our business partners, but this is done anonymously. The immediate identification of your person is excluded.
We use this information in order to fulfill the contractual obligations towards our business partners and to support them in improving the effectiveness of their websites.

Functional cookies
We possibly set a functional cookies that are not essential, but still allow many useful features on our site.
These cookies are used on our website, for example, for the following purposes:

Save the preferences that you have specified in a previous visit to our website, z. B. Language / country interests and the presentation of the site (layout, font size, color, etc.). You do not have to redo these settings then.
Save the answers to questions that are stored on the site, eg. As you do not wish to participate in customer satisfaction surveys. You will not be asked again.
Detecting already offered services, such. As online help.
Providing information to enable optional Services -. Eg playing online videos or writing comments in a blog – function properly.
Targeting or advertising cookies
These cookies are possibly used on our website, so that you advertisement will appear, which is relevant to you and your interests. With the cookies fairly detailed information about your surfing habits on our site are gathered (z. B. what products and services you have accessed). They can also be used to recognize you when you visit our site for the umpteenth time, or when you visit a website that belongs to a network of our advertising partners.

For example, these cookies are used to collect information about those of you called or placed in your shopping cart products and services from us.

Third-party cookies
When using our website, some cookies may be stored that are beyond our sphere of influence. This is for example the case when, contents of third party websites contained on the page that you visit. Then you get cookies from this third party. These cookies, however, no personal information is stored, unless you are logged into your account.
These cookies may be derived for example from the following third party:

YouTube or Facebook
Certain network operators
Commercial media agencies
To us belongs marketing company
The storage of and access to these cookies are not controlled by us. It is recommended to read the Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy of the provider in order to learn about their use of cookies.
To customize your cookie settings
Most browsers allow you to erase cookies from your computer hard drive, reject cookies or to issue a warning before a cookie is stored on the hard disk.

What happens if the cookies are disabled?
If you reject or erase cookies, we may not be able to restore your previously specified preferences or user settings and to customize your online experience is limited to your personal interests.

Learn how to change the settings in the following browsers: